"Glass for me is like an open work, every time I play it with new forms creating new colors and shades.
In my works there are moments of life, those in which it captures a fragment that contains a whole story.
Glass, as the word is an  immortal matter and now it  lives an unusual season in the sphere of our existence.
It is a rewarding encounter with beauty, in his reflections glimpsed the night and the day, the sea and the land, the history and nature.     I think that glass is visual poetry, an emotion that fills the eye and elevates our soul. “
“Only here in Murano I create my works, in the glass furnace  founded by my father Giovanni  in the 70s, and also for this reason they are marked with the Trademark "Vetro Artistico® Murano”  this seal means a lot to me.
It represents the story of a unique island in the world, where the glass, as if by magic, has grown to become pure art.
When I walk along  the streets of Murano, I can feel that everything is glass: the colors of the houses, the fire of the ovens, the smell of the furnaces, the hands of masters, forms mirrored in the water ... There’s all this in  this trademark of authenticity and every time I take the “ borsella”  in my hands, I feel that this world lives and works inside me.“


"Glass is a new classic that still has much to say to modern man.
It is a material that interacts closely with the wood, stone, steel.
With my eyes, or with that of designers of absolute importance, I gave life to objects that illuminate the space of a new soul, making the furniture creative and emotional. That’s why I sign my works one by one, because they are unique and in each of them there is a little part of  myself.
Glass is a new classic that still has much to say to modern man."